Sunday, January 01, 2006

Soapy is a Virus

Soapy the Chicken is no ordinary cartoon character. There is more to his blank, stupefying stare than may at first be readily apparent. Soapy is a virus... a bird flu if you will. In fact, by viewing this website, you may have already be infected.

This infection does not involve coughing up your lungs or having your skin develop festering boils, fortunately. No, this infection causes you to draw Soapy the Chicken on any surface that will soak in the pungent ink of a sharpie marker... to spray paint Soapy on the sides of train cars... to crochet Soapy the Chicken voodoo dolls... to cover the world with his heroically moronic iconic visage.

Much like the WWII virus Kilroy, Soapy spreads around through bathroom stalls and alley walls... he could lurk anywhere. If you see Soapy around, please send us photos of him so we can keep track of him or add them yourself to the SoapySightings Flickr gallery.


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